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Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented (GT) Program consists of students identified based on achievement, aptitude, and nonverbal ability tests scores for placement in the GT Program. Students that have been identified as GT are required to take a minimum of one advanced class. GT students will automatically be enrolled in all available advanced classes unless parents notify  the counselor otherwise. Nominations of students for GT placement are accepted from parents, students and/or teachers in the fall of each year. Students are tested and selected in the spring for the following school year. Gifted and Talented (GT) Programs requiring specified admissions incorporate the advanced strategies and curriculum.

WISD Beliefs

We believe that gifted/talented students are passionate about learning, solve problems in unique ways, and require support from trained teachers and mentors who are sensitive to their individual needs.
We believe that appropriate services for gifted/talented students will enable them to work successfully alone, with other gifted students, and with students not identified as gifted.  


Gifted students come from all races, socio-economic strata, geographic locales, and environments.  They display unique needs and possess unusual abilities and talents which merit recognition and nurturing.  

Mission Statement

In order to nurture the unique needs of gifted/talented learners, Wharton ISD offers a comprehensive array of differentiated learning experiences that provide greater depth and complexity than what is included in the district's core curriculum.  

Wharton ISD Gifted and Talented Resources

WISD Gifted and Talented Program Guide Handbook    
TEA Gifted and Talented Education webpage  

Scope and Sequence

The Wharton ISD GT Scope and Sequence Skills Continuum provides teachers with K-12 vertically aligned learning expectations that support the development of advanced-level products and performances.  It is aligned with the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards (TCCRS) and the 21st Century Skills Framework. The Communication, Creative Thinking, Research, and Critical Thinking strands of the GT Scope and Sequence are interdisciplinary and can be taught in any content area.  All four strands are aligned with the standards set by the State Goal for Services for Gifted/Talented Students, the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students, and the K-12 TEKS.  GT teachers are provided with a variety of curricular support and resources specific for GT. Kindergarten-6th grade implement a gifted and talented pull out program in combination with differentiated instruction within the general education classroom.  7th-12th grade implement differentiated instruction within the core courses.  An emphasis is placed on greater depth, complexity, and pacing in the curriculum with skill development in communication, critical thinking, creativity, and research.